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RVS & DATT are qualified TRAVEL AGENCIES  and are  acknowledged  by  the  National Ethiopian Tourism Commission ETC (Travel Agencies/Guides - Tour operator that are licensed by ETC) as  leading organizations respectively  in the field of  hunting and tourism in ethiopia. their  headquarters are in Addis Ababa. They  avail themselves of owned  equipment and  professional staff  for the organization of excursions all over Ethiopia all the year round.
RVS and DATT  constantly work to offer  customers reliable  and safe touring experiences.
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click here for details historic route HISTORIC  ROUTE
This route is unique for people who love culture and history .The route enables you  to discover the beauty,  treasures, and  the wonders of  Ethiopia, a country which  still preserves a very strong cultural and artistic heritage, and which many  consider   as the eighth wonder in  the world
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click here for details omo river route OMO RIVER ROUTE :
You'll be able to reach the heart of this  wild country while going  down  the  Omo River. An exciting contact with  its nature  and local ethnicities

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click here for details salt route Dancalia SOUTH ETHIOPIA &  THE SALT ROUTE (Dancalia)
A true “Grand Tour-experience” that will cover Central Ethiopia, the Rift Valley across the Kefa, Gamo Gofa and Sidamo regions, eastwards through the Tigray and Dancalia territories as far as Djibuti on  the Red Sea , in Somalia
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Expedition - Hunt Safari - Nature & Bird Watching Safari

click here for details Hunt in Ethiopia Hunt in Ethiopia
For hunt lovers, RVS organizes  special travels, itineraries and expeditions in full compliance with  applicable laws and  hunt regulations..

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click here for details Bird WatchingNature & Bird Watching Safarisi
Ethiopia  hosts one of the  largest  existing bird populations. There are 830 different species, 31 are endemic, that's to say they are found only in Ethiopia.  RVS can organize specific tour programs for  bird- watching lovers.

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